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Shining Through Adversity: A Young Researcher's Triumph Over the Storm

Boston Regan is a 22-year-old PhD holder and researcher with an IQ of 200 he got into Oxford at the young age of 15.

But not everything is as it seems…

When he was 5, he was involved in a vehicle accident that unfortunately took the lives of his parents.

Being left alone he was then raised by his grandmother the only remaining relative, but the worst have yet to pass for Boston. Being involved in a traumatic accident led him to develop panic attacks.

He would sometimes spasm out of control or be in a daze not doing anything. The doctors later diagnosed him with anxiety and ADHD.

They said that he wouldn’t be able to properly learn in his lifetime, thus giving up on him. His grandmother would not accept it and was having none of it.

In his early childhood years, he would find trouble learning and focusing, it got to a point where his pre-school teacher advised to home school him because he was getting bullied for his disabilities.

Soon they eventually employed a learning specialist to tutor him, but despite all the effort he still can’t seem to focus. His grandmother resorted to many different types of medication, but nothing worked!

The only thing that could calm him down was the scent of Vetiver oil that his grandmother frequently used it when she practices her daily meditation. Seeing as the scent helped him she begin to routinely massage his temple with it hoping for something.

This process would gradually calm Boston down. After a few weeks of massaging, his tutor realized he is starting to focus!

Recalling his memories Boston said…

“It just feels like a part of my mind has opened up.”

“I feel relaxed and it helped me focus a lot more.”

The changes didn’t stop there.

In a few months something extraordinary happened, his tutor was surprised he was picking everything up quickly.

"He was like a sponge who could soak up everything.”

“You just have to teach him anything once and he will understand.”

His tutor baffled by the events, brought him for an IQ test. What they discovered would be life changing!

Boston Recorded An IQ Of 200 For His Stanford-Binet IQ Test. Placing Him In The Top 0.1% Of The World!

Boston eventually went on to Oxford at 15 majoring in Bio molecular biology and eventually earning his PhD at the young age of 22!

He was quickly accepted under renowned Professor Eren Burton’s research team, interested in how Vetiver helped him during his childhood years, Boston decided to base his research on the vetiver plant and its effect.

His team soon found out that vetiver plant has plenty of benefits!

Chrysopogon Zizanioides, commonly known as Vetiver is a plant native to India. His research found that most of the healing properties are found at its root. The root Vetiveria zizanioides have been used to make essential oils for centuries.

Boston and his team then tried to simulate this effect.

They proceeded to experiment and document the benefits of it. What they found was the scent produced by Vetiver stimulates the brain cells. The scent would first travel through the nose’s sensory neurons first affecting the olfactory bulb. It will slowly spread to the piriform cortex, this would eventually lead to the whole brain causing improved cognitive abilities.

“After our breakthrough findings I was surprised that it was the essential oil all along! By using a new innovative distillation method called steam distillation, my team and I managed to concentrate its essence into a small condensed bottle.”

“We called it VerttiBoost™.”

“By applying a bit of it by messaging our temple, it helps promote blood flow to the brain allowing us to achieve immense clarity and sensibility. Clinical trials have shown that it helps with cognitive abilities like improved attention span, social cognition,memory capabilities and clearer judgement.”

“98.4% of our volunteers experienced better focus and sharpness during daily activities.”

These Stimulation Promote Brain Activity And Provide Sharpness And Clarity In Our Daily Lives

Here are what others are saying:

“As a doctor being on call 24 hours, I was constantly on edge and burned out. Now that was all in the past, after trying VerttiBoost™ I was able to finally feel relax when I take a nap or sleep. I usually just dripped it into a diffuser before laying down. It really puts my mind and body at ease like nothing else.”

– Janet

“I work as an investment banker for a large corporation, the stress and workload I deal with every day are immense. All my big clients always tend to have lots of demand, it was burning me out.”

“I first found this essential oil online, having long heard of vetiver plant’s benefit, I gave it a try though I wasn’t expecting much at first, it soon came upon me!”

“This thing works magic on me!”

“My focus became very sharp after using it I was totally in my zone, my client portfolio has been steadily increasing and currently I’m the top performer I now have a few boxes of VerttiBoost™ at my room all the time.”

– Eddie

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“I know how it feels to be that kid.”

“I used to have trouble focusing and studying, I hope this could help others too.”

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