Verttiboost™ - Delightful Skye

VerttiBoost™ is produced by using cutting edge steam distillation technology from the roots of Chrysopogon Zizanioides gives effects none other aromatherapy essential oil can produce!

Try it to improve your cognitive abilities and achieve better clarity and focus in your life!

Benefits Of VerttiBoost™

  • Easy to use

  • Stimulate Blood flow

  • Improve Cognitive Abilities

  • Opens Up Olfactory Bulbs

  • Improve Focus

  • Make Clearer Decisions

How To Use VerttiBoost™

Apply some on your hand, gently rub around your fingers and gradually massage your temple with it.

Drip 2 -3 drops into a diffuser and use it overnight.
Over 30,000 Satisfied Customers And Counting

I started using it after stumbling on its website, but I never thought that it would work so well on me! I was always frustrated and angry whenever I start to work with my colleagues being a headache. After applying some VerttiBoost™ I immediately felt way more relaxed and focus. The headache was no more and I could make better decisions whenever I work.

Kayne, SA

✔ Verified Purchase

I work as an investment banker for a large corporation, the stress and workload I deal with every day are immense. All my big clients always tend to have lots of demand, it was burning me out. VerttiBoost™ really helped me out, it makes me feel so focused and clear that I feel like I’m in my zone!

Eddie, DC

✔ Verified Purchase

My child suffers from learning disabilities so when I first came upon VerttiBoost™ was when my relative introduced it to me. Although skeptical at first, I thought that we have nothing to lose. After applying it and massaging my child with it routinely, she started feeling calm and is actually making progress in her studies! I couldn’t believe my eyes at first! But it was all thanks to VerttiBoost™ I have already ordered 5 more bottles from them.

Janet, CA

✔ Verified Purchase


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