Fly Again - Delightful Skye

Danger in the Skies: Passenger's Failure to Open Emergency Exit Almost Ends in Tragedy

It all happened when she was boarding the flight back home to LA.

Lyla was struggling to fit into her seat; the seat belt felt shorter than it usually is. She couldn’t buckle the seat belt over her bulging belly and had to ask the airline staff for a seat belt extender. From the corner of her eyes she saw the judgement and side-eyes that came with the seat belt extender.

She was already having a bad feeling about the flight.

Soon after, they were ready to take off

While they were about to take off, thick haze and burning smell filled the plane cabin. Turns out, there was an engine failure.

People started scrambling to the exit. The airline staff were at the top of their voice initiating and directing the evacuation. Somehow in a chaotic time like this, the aisle seemed smaller than it was before. Lyla got out of her seat, and the unthinkable happened… She got stuck at the emergency exit!

Embarrassed, she tried with all her might to wiggle her way out, but the protruding sides of her bulging belly and butt wouldn’t budge. She was holding the line and disrupting evacuation. Desperate passengers ‘trapped’ inside had to help push her out.

Her life took a turn once she got through the exit

It took 54 seconds for her alone to get out before everyone else can evacuate. The commotion quickly infuriated the crowd. People started yelling derogatory remarks at her. Some even called her ‘manslaughter’ for almost costing their lives.

“I had never felt so much guilt, shame and embarrassment. I was never big in my life…not until losing my mom in 2016.”

“I lost my mom out of the blue and began eating to deal with grief. And 5 months later, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and left soon after. Ever since then, food has been my emotional anchor.”

“I relied heavily on food. And I can’t believe I have gotten this big.”
- Lyla

This public humiliation was the last straw for Lyla.

She knew she needed to start losing some pounds

She started trying all sorts of diets: Atkins, Paleo, Keto diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watches, Nutrisystem and so on. The weight still wouldn’t drop, so she turned to fitness programs.

She spent a fortune signing up for Gym, HIIT sessions, Pilates, Aerobics…

But nothing worked!

“No matter how hard I try, I can’t lose weight”

With no way out, depression then took over her life. Everytime she eats, she would force herself to throw up out of guilt.

One morning while she was on her way to work, she suddenly got dizzy and collapsed in the subway. She was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with bulimia. The vicious cycle of binging and purging eventually took a toll on her body, resulting in super low blood pressure and weakened heart muscles.

As she was discharged, she was approached by Dr. Cyrus, a weight specialist. Dr. Cyrus handed Lyla a box, it read ‘Volitivo™’.

“Volitivo™ is an ongoing experiment created by my team and I for 3 years now. The idea behind Volitiv™ is simple. Just stick it to whichever body part that needs downsizing and the natural herbs infused in it will work their magic, speeding up metabolism, burning stubborn fat and suppressing appetite without any of your effort needed.” - Dr. Cyrus

It sounded too good to be true

Lyla doubted its possibilities but tried it anyway. Incredibly, the pounds soon started to shed.

In just 1 week, she lost close to 26 lbs. Within a month, almost 92 lbs were gone. 2 months on, she successfully lost a total of 183 lbs. She became too small for her clothes and eventually needed a change of wardrobe.

Recalling how far she had come, and the humiliations endured, she couldn’t help but tear up in joy. With her newfound confidence, she decided to become a grief counselor.

“I gained weight and became big because of grief eating. When it all happened, I turned to food for comfort. It is obviously not a healthy way to deal with grief. If only there was someone there back then to guide me to the right path. Things wouldn’t have turned out this way.”

“That’s why I want to become a grief counselor, so that I can be the light in dark moments of grief and others won’t have to learn things the hard way like I did.” – Lyla

Lyla’s inspiring weight loss journey is one of the many success stories of Volitivo™. If you’re struggling with weight loss like Lyla was, try Volitivo™.

There’s nothing to lose, except for those stubborn fats.