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Unlocking the Hidden Truth: How These Remarkable Parents Continuously Raised Child Prodigies

These happy parents are Ryan and Shelly Brennan who have not 1, but 3 child prodigies, living a life like they are in a house filled with Einsteins, as the average IQ of these gifted children is over 200.

But Ryan and Shelly are just ordinary parents who raise their kids like normal. Even if they allow their kids to have the freedom to play, the kids would always have books that are years ahead of them in their hands.

As this unique family quickly caught the attention of the whole world, everyone has been asking the same question…

“What allows them to have multiple gifted children?”

Contradicting Parents

These parents with gifted ability have got Dr. Charles Padgett to investigate further. He is a world-leading neurologist who has more than 30 years of experience.

As Dr. Charles was curious of the factor that gave these parents multiple insanely intelligent babies and how they made it possible when intelligence is influenced by genes, he paid a visit to the family.

“It felt like we won the lottery 3 times in a row!”

“Because we didn’t even graduate from high school back then.”

“We also found reading a difficult task to do.”

“But our oldest child has a PhD in Physics at just 15.”

“Our second child won the International Math Olympiad when she’s only 8,”

“Becoming the youngest gold medalist in the world’s hardest mathematical competition.”

“And our youngest child who is only 5,”

“Is a human translator who speaks more than 13 languages.”

“Now, we’re just so happy that our kids are not like us.”

– Ryan Brennan, father of 3 child prodigies

This odd contradiction prompted Dr. Charles to ask the parents for their secret tips and this was Shelly’s reply.

“When I was suffering a lot during my first pregnancy, my mum gave me an oil,”

“To make me feel better by applying it to my temple.”

“And surprisingly, it worked.”

“Helping me with my sleep issues and mood swings.”

“As I enjoyed the benefits it gave, it became my own family practice.”

“And after that, my babies are all unexpectedly born intelligent.”

– Shelly Brennan, mother of 3 child prodigies

Ancient Code To Innovative Thinking

As Dr. Charles highly doubted the bottle of oil, he requested a few samples from Shelly and tested it himself by performing an electroencephalogram (EEG) on his brain.

“I was amazed with the brain scans after I tried it for a week.”

“As they showed billions of neurons becoming extremely active in my brain.”

“And each of the neuron is connected with branches of complicated network, forming a growth of brain cells.”

“That allowed me to experience a boost of intelligence in the past week.”

“As I could recognize multiple patterns in things,”

“And even remember details of research in just one read.”

– Dr. Charles

Fascinated by the results, Dr. Charles conducted further research on the bottle of oil and realized it contained high levels of clary sage.

“This is an ancient medicinal herb that has amazing nootropic effects.”

“Ancient Greek scholars would fill their rooms with its smoke as a remedy to increase cognitive ability.”

“Which allows them to think critically from many different perspectives.”

“Leading them to discover new scientific theories that have changed the world today.”

– Dr. Charles


Realizing its great potential to help more people to overcome any mental difficulty, Dr. Charles was determined to create an enhanced elixir.

By using the latest ultrasonic hydrodistillation technology, he managed to extract the purest and most concentrated oil from clary sage.

He called it Sevello™.

“Sevello™ is a concentrated, therapeutic-grade oil extracted from purely clary sage.”

“It is the best type of sage that contains the most brain-boosting compounds that will double the increase of cognitive abilities.”

“As it triggers different receptors to activate different parts of our brain for better focus and memory.”

“With clary sage’s remarkable cognitive-enhancing effect,”

“Sevello™ will not only improve mood, alertness and attention span but also reduce mental fatigue and anxiety.”

“By just massaging Sevello™ on your temple or inhaling the scent once a day,”

“Multiple new neural connections will be formed in our frontal lobe, providing us better problem-solving skills.”

“As you continue to learn new things with Sevello™, these brain connections will multiply and grow stronger.”

“Resulting in a stronger, smarter brain that allows you to adapt to different challenges.”

– Dr. Charles

Creating Geniuses Everywhere

To get a fair verdict, Dr. Charles had invited Shelly for a clinical trial.

“The results were amazing!”

“It worked better than the oil given by my mum!”

“As I didn’t just experience a peace of mind,”

“I even began to understand the projects my kids were doing and talking about.”

“Finally, I could join their daily conversations of science and mathematics,”

“And even speak a little French with my young one after using the oil for just a few days!”

– Shelly Brennan

Ever since its official launch, Sevello™ has received over thousands of positive feedbacks from people all around the world who shared how they now have faster brain processing speed with clear and accurate judgements.

Here’s a review from 19-year-old Bianca Curran who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“As a student with ADHD, I used to struggle with following instructions,”

“Unable to focus when someone is talking to me or when the teacher is teaching.”

“But things changed ever since I used Sevello™.”

“I stopped losing track on things.”

“And started absorbing any information like a sponge all day long!”

“Leading me to become the top student in school.”

“And now I’m studying quantum mechanics in an Ivy League University.”

“Thanks to Sevello™, I sometimes even forget that I have ADHD.”

– Bianca Curran

“We don’t have to be chained down to bad genes.”

“You can retake your life and become anything you desire.”

“An eternally young mind is here for everyone.”

– Dr. Charles

To support the month of mental and behavioral health awareness, Dr. Charles is working in partnership with National Learning Disability Association to offer up to 80% discount for any purchase.

Their hope is that anyone will be able to break free from mental barriers as no one is born incapable, we just need the right ingredient to success.

Are you ready to become the next prodigy?