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You may be at the top of your game today, but it won't last forever. As we age, we lose our mental abilities as neural connections are lost. Forgetfulness, carelessness, and even heightened aggression. These are all signs that our brains are deteriorating and there's nothing we can do to save it, until now.

With Sevello™, you can remove all your stress, worries, fear and experience greater cognitive abilities like a prodigy!

Superintelligence Is Just One Drop Away

Sevello™ is made from the purest extract of clary sage using the latest ultrasonic hydrodistillation technology. This ancient medicinal herb has been applied throughout centuries to alleviate stress and to reduce brain fog, allowing us to gain mental clarity.

With its cognitive-enhancing benefits, Sevello™ will further boost your brainpower to speed up learning curves, improve memory capabilities and prolong attention span.

Sevello™ is also an ideal and effective remedy for those who have psychological problems such as severe anxiety, insomnia, depression and dementia as it does not only elevate mood and calmness but also prevents neurodegenerative diseases due to its high neuroprotective effects.

  • Improves cognitive function
  • Enhances focus and alertness
  • Expands memory capacity
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Boosts sleep quality
  • Reduces risks of brain decline

By Diffusion: Use 3 to 4 drops in the diffuser or essential oil burner of your choice and experience better cognitive performance.

Topical Use: Apply a couple of drops (or as preferred) to desired area.

Recommended to gently massage with even pressure on your temple.

*For best results, complete 1 full treatment consisting of 3 bottles.

What Users Are Saying!

When I found out my boy was autistic at 5, I took him to try every therapy we could. He even took medications but could you believe none of these treatments actually worked. It was only after I applied Sevello™ on Brandon’s temple whenever he studied that things started getting better. He could understand and learn things at a really fast pace. He could even solve a difficult math problem all by himself. I’m so happy he didn’t even need to go to an autism school anymore. Now, I bought a few more bottles to prepare him for his next Google Science Fair project.

Linda Downing, CA

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Have you experienced getting lost while driving home? I did, I was only 36 back then and hearing my 3-year-old child crying next to me after hours of being stuck in the car was my last straw. I had to heal, for the sake of my daughter and husband. And thank God Sevello™ came into my life, fixing all my problems. In just a few weeks, I could help pay the bills correctly, I didn’t need to ask my husband if I have taken my meds and I could even remember where he placed his car keys! It’s a miracle!

Molly Boone, VA

✔ Verified Purchase

I was recently promoted as an IT manager and the workload has been crazy. Even when I worked overtime, things just seemed like it would never be done in time. As my stress levels were alarming and giving me even more troubles like forgetting things, I gave this a try. And it worked instantly! Its floral scent made me calm, gave me clarity, allowing me to speed up with work and even have more accurate judgements. Sevello™ has also helped me to sleep like a baby which I could never for the past few years. Definitely worth it!

Marc Holman, WA

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