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The 61-Year-Old Icon Whose Supermodel Career Will Live On Forever

15th September 2023 | Written by Reese Maloney

This Gorgeous Granny is the 5th multigenerational supermodel in her family! The cameras don’t stop flashing even though she’s 61, and known as the longest working runway model in history.

A Role Model For Generations To Come

Julia Martin is winning through her ancestor’s multi-generational legacy. She proudly poses in swimsuits and represent major designers, sometimes alongside her very own daughter! Even her granddaughters look up to her when she’s in the spotlight.

“She isn’t just youthful in spirit, she’s my biggest role model growing up! We’re often mistaken as siblings, but I can’t help feeling proud of it!”

– Emma, daughter

“For as long as I remember, granny looked the same for decades! I really hope I could keep my looks and energy up just like her.”

– Alice, granddaughter

“So far I’m the oldest to carry the torch of our family’s multigenerational dream.”

“It gets harder with age, but I always encourage the girls to present their best.”

“It’s a great confidence booster, knowing age can’t define looks!”

– Julia

A Doctor's Momentous Curiosity

Julia’s combination of age and career piqued the interest of Dr. Kristen, one of the world’s leading dermatology experts and a celebrity cosmetology advisor.

“It’s hard to believe she’s a grandmother of 5 walking down the runway.”

“I went backstage during her show and saw her without makeup, and I couldn’t believe how she actually looked younger without it!”

“That’s when Julia explained her heritage and rich ancestry.”

– Dr. Kristen

A History Of Resistance And Fashion

Julia is a descendant of France’s very first professional runway model. With family ties dating back to 1940s during the height of fashion icons.

“My French ancestors had it rough when they first started out during the war.”

“It was a time where fashion was a display of resistance.”

“Men went to war, and women made statements through fashion and beauty. They dressed beautifully and outrageously to flaunt their national pride.”

“But, in their pursuit to look as stunning as possible, they’ve discovered a peculiar routine involving caviar, by harvesting sturgeon roes and applying it onto their faces.”

“After the war, my ancestors applied that idea before debut and it was a huge success! With guests leaving the show in wonder and awe.”

“Ever since, looking youthful became second nature to the modelling community.”

“This was a secret kept only in our family to keep the competition out.”

“Looking back at it now, it’s not a

sentiment I plan on keeping up, because I think every woman deserves to look their best at any age.”

– Julia

The Secrets Of A Delicacy

Touched by Julia’s honesty and willingness to share her family secret, Dr. Kristen knew her history could help every woman shine their brightest, and requested a sample of her imported caviar to further study it.

This was the answer to Dr. Kristen’s discovery:

“Everyone thinks caviar is a delicacy that’s meant to be consumed, but no one realizes its massive potential to benefit our skin’s health!”

“One essential component from caviar was the Omega-3 acids.”

“They act as a highly effective moisturizing agent, drastically improving the skin’s hydration level and water absorption, which results in plump and supple skin that eliminates lines.”

– Dr. Kristen

To test her theory, Dr. Kristen asked for the help of 54-year-old Sandy, who’s been living with wrinkly, dry skin and face lines for decades.

Sandy’s wrinkles were measured using Profilometric calculations, noting her wrinkle’s depth, width, and affected surface area.

Dr. Kristen then requested Sandy to apply a developed prototype blend, and spread it evenly across her face and neck every day for a month.

Sandy’s results were measured again for comparison and Dr. Kristen couldn’t believe the results she was seeing!

The Results Were Staggering

“Sandy’s fold lines and flaky skin were completely gone! The moisture levels under her epidermis reflects that of a 20-year-old!”

“Her skin has also tightened up significantly, giving her a literal face lift. In a way, the prototype replaced all her old skin cells with new ones!”

“It looked like she stepped into a time machine and reversed her age, even though we’ve only done this test run in under a month!”

– Dr. Kristen

Now that Dr. Kristen has witnessed how it effectively helps one turn back time, she recruited a team of chemists and dermatology experts, with the task of reshaping and simplifying the caviar’s secrets to the world.

Because not everyone has a chance to utilize the caviar’s high-end properties, Dr. Kristen and her team enhanced its essential components with top-of-the-line ingredients. And henceforth, the creation of the caviar extract is now known as Kavine™ today.

The Birth Of Kavine™

This was how Dr. Kristen explained the science behind Kavine™:

“Think of our skin cells as the leaves on a branch.”

“For it to grow stronger and healthier, it has to stay hydrated to carry nutrients, grow new cells, and defend against external pollutants.”

“If they’re dried up or damaged, our skin turns flaky and wrinkly. Just like the leaves, it withers and fall.” 

“That’s when Kavine™ steps in to keep it all intact.”

“The omega-3 and added humectants ensures the skin is properly hydrated, allowing the skin to immediately glisten with a glassy glow.”

“Its ingredients also contains high doses of natural anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin E and Selenium minerals to reduce oxidative damage.”

“Protecting the skin against UV light, which is the leading cause of wrinkles!”

“Kavine™ also prevents collagen breakdown, and in turn, actually boosts it!”

“The Ceramides help restore your skin’s collagen deep within the dermis layer and play a role in significantly reducing inflammation and eczema.”

“Making Kavine™ a positive route for even those with sensitive skin.”

– Dr. Kristen

Saving Fashion Week

During initial trials for Kavine™, Dr. Kristen wanted Julia’s opinion on it.

“Dr. Kristen could not have caught me in a more perfect time!”

“It’s Fashion Week, and I’m barely sleeping from all the shows I have to attend.”

“My family’s usual methods can’t keep my lines and eyebags at bay, but Kavine™ worked out perfectly to reduce my swollen eyebags.”

“I didn’t think it was possible for my face to glow and feel plumper!”

– Julia

With Julia’s blessing, mass clinical trials were conducted worldwide, where 98.6% of volunteers reported significant epidermal improvement.

A Simple Win Goes A Long Way

For 41-year-old Tina, it was more than just a simple rejuvenation journey.

“I was widowed and left with 2 daughters before I hit 30. But some of my daughter’s friends even thought I was their grandmother!”

“My skin was uneven and rough, with really deep smile lines and I started developing pigment spots and eye bags.”

“My dermatologist recommended I enter the Kavine™ trials last summer.”

“In just a couple of weeks, my skin started to tighten and smoothen out.”

“A month later, my wrinkles vanished without a trace!”

“I was so happy I could look younger than my age again! It might be a simple win to some, but it’s a huge one for me.”

– Tina

Look Unforgettable with Kavine™

“Beauty captures the eye, but our identity captures hearts.”

“I’m glad Kavine™ is boosting women’s confidence, regardless of age.”

“Everyone deserves to show the world who they are without speaking.”

– Dr. Kristen

Everyone’s striving to look their best since Kavine™ launched, and over 2,800 units are being shipped out every month! Dr. Kristen and her team are trying to keep up with demand.

No one’s ever too old or too late to feel brand new.

So don’t let age get you down, wear it like a crown!