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A Sightless Kid’s Window to the Musical World

Thursday, 21st September 2023 | Andrea Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

‘Little Mozart’ is the name given to this 8-year-old child piano prodigy! He is known worldwide as the youngest ever solo concert pianist to perform Mozart’s Piano Sonata 14 at the world-famous stage of Carnegie Hall!

“Yeong-jun is the most talented boy I’ve ever seen!”

“He has perfect pitch and can identify any note played on the piano, and replicate it perfectly after hearing it only once!”

“It’s like he’s able to see the piano notes in his head even with both eyes closed.”

“I believe he will be even more successful than Mozart!”

– Albert Glisson, director of Carnegie Hall

A Difficult Start

Even though he’s incredibly successful today, Kim Yeong-jun’s journey to becoming a child piano prodigy wasn’t always easy.

He was born with damaged brain neurons that led to having only 18% of his eyesight. Doctors diagnosed him with autism as well and said his condition would only worsen with age.

“He had many challenges as a child.”

“Struggling with concentration and basic knowledge as well as visual impairments, he couldn’t sit still and even learning the alphabet took him 3 times as long as others!”

“However, he reacted better when there was music playing, and with our family tradition, he is able to achieve effortless success today!”

– Kim Chung-hee, Yeong-jun’s mother

After news stories of Yeong-jun’s abilities went viral, Dr. Thomas Wright, a top cognitive neurologist in the US with more than 25 years of experience, wanted to know how Yeong-jun was able to make such an incredible transformation.

Exceeding Expectations

Dr. Thomas paid him a visit where he uncovered a startling discovery. It was as if the piano was naturally made for Yeong-jun. He could effortlessly play a difficult piece although he could hardly see!

When he was at the piano, it was as if he had decades of experience, as his fingers would fly over the keys without making a single mistake.

“With his skill set, he has to have the intensity and focus of a master pianist, and I’m surprised to see it not only in a child, but one who has mental and physical challenges!”

– Dr. Thomas Wright

When he asked Yeong-jun’s mother what she did to help him, she gave the doctor a cup of tea and explained:

“I would prepare this tea for Yeong-jun before his lessons and he comes alive at the piano with this.”

“It’s our family’s long-held tea ritual.”

“Although the taste is quite bitter, we can’t deny the improvements we see in our son.”

– Kim Chung-hee

A Royal Ingredient

Dr. Thomas drank the tea which was indeed herbal and bitter, and he suspected that it was the key to Yeong-jun’s transformation. He decided to conduct more research and requested a sample of the tea.

After many tests, the results were surprising!

“We found that the tea contains high levels of Korean red ginseng extract.”

“It is an ancient Eastern remedy, and it was only served to royalty hundreds of years ago.”

“That is how precious and valuable Korean red ginseng is.”

“It has incredible health benefits for the mind and its active compound ginsenoside is high in antioxidants.”

“This is the first time we’ve seen such cognitive benefits in ginseng!”

– Dr. Thomas Wright

Dr. Thomas decided to try a prototype of the tea on himself first. Extracting part of the Korean red ginseng into an oil, he recorded his brain activity levels before and after using the oil with an EEG scan.

After checking the brain scan results, he saw that his brain activity had increased significantly!

There were improvements in his cognitive functions and the oil also triggered his memory recall as well. Dr. Thomas could remember all of his patients’ names with no problem.

He also found that he could focus for longer time spans, able to conduct complicated and risky brain surgeries day after day without feeling tired.

Brain-Boosting Breakthrough

With these positive results, Dr. Thomas decided to improve the formula of the prototype. He distilled 100% pure Korean red ginseng extract into the oil, calling his creation Serestte™.

“The brain needs to be able to send signals efficiently for us to be in top form.”

“But with age or mental challenges, the speed of the signals sent reduces dramatically, affecting issues such as memory, concentration, and the learning process.”

“This is where Serestte™ comes in.”

“Serestte™ manages to stimulate the neurons of the brain up to 6 times faster as the Korean red ginseng extract it contains is rich in nutrients.”

“Aiding in increasing the speed of brain signals, Serestte™ triggers 450 more olfactory receptors than usual!”

“And we can see that its effect on cognitive functions multiplied as it boosts the activation of brain neurons in the cerebrum: the part of the brain responsible for memory, intelligence, problem solving, and even emotional control.”

“While it works to reverse severe brain decline, it also manages to regenerate new brain cells, keeping the brain youthful and sharp for longer.”

“With Serestte™, it is now possible for the brain to overcome age as well as mental challenges.”

– Dr. Thomas Wright, Creator of Serestte™

From Good to Great

Before launching to the public, Dr. Thomas invited Yeong-jun to try out Serestte™ to determine its effectiveness.

“Previously, I had to drink a lot of my family’s tea especially before a performance.”

“Although it worked well, it was very bitter and hard to drink.”

“But with Serestte™, I don’t have that issue anymore!”

“When I smell its scent, it feels like my brain opens up and the melody flows into my mind!”

“I can play even more complicated piano pieces by ear with it.”

– Kim Yeong-jun

Serestte™ has sold more than 400,000 bottles since launch and received countless 5-star reviews from satisfied users, including mother of 3, Iris Becker.

“My son Oliver has struggled with ADHD and dyslexia his whole life.”

“Picking up knowledge is not easy for him as he takes more than twice the amount of time to learn compared to his classmates.”

“When I heard about Serestte™, I didn’t have any expectations, but I thought there’s no harm trying.”

“Amazingly, Oliver has shown so much improvement right from day 1!”

“He is very focused in his studies now and even exceeds his peers.”

“It’s like the fog has cleared in his head with the use of this oil!”

“I only have Serestte™ to thank and I hope it won’t ever run out of stock!”

– Iris Becker

Discover Your Hidden Potential

“If we put in so much effort to take care of our faces and appearances, why wouldn’t we do the same for our brains?”

– Dr. Thomas Wright

Brain decline and mental challenges do not have the final say any longer with Serestte™. Unlock a world of possibilities today! Your wildest dreams are within your reach. Click the link to get yours now!