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This Sightless Girl Finds Guidance in God's Words for a Better Life

Meet “The Bible Memory Woman”, who has memorized more than 20 different Bibles. Yet, she has been sightless ever since she was born!

According to Joshua 1:8, memorizing the Bible will bring God’s blessing to our lives. However, most people may find this challenging. Except for 22-year-old Julia, the only woman in the world who can quote over 20 versions of the Bible from memory!

But the journey to get to where she is now didn’t happen overnight. Besides being born into a world of darkness, Julia was also diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia at the age of 5.

“We felt like we failed as her parents. Wherever we go, people judged and stared at us because Julia would jump around.”

“Her poor concentration levels meant that she was like a runaway train, scattering objects and pushing everything she could touch. Unable to see, she used to get angry easily when things didn’t go her way.”

“Julia was expelled from countless special needs schools. So, she was homeschooled but she often threw tantrums at the teacher. She would roll around the floor, refusing to study and it was hard for her to focus on Braille reading.”

“Many years went by, but her reading level was like a three-year-old’s.”

-Michael,63, Julia’s father

The Sudden Change

Julia’s parents consulted learning disability specialists and even enrolled her in special needs enrichment centers but her condition worsened, as her hyperactivity didn’t stop.

So, how did Julia suddenly grow up to become the “Human Bible”?

It all happened when her family visited a church during a road trip. When they arrived, they noticed a unique woody scent but back then, they didn’t think much of it.

Worried sick about Julia’s uncontrollable behavior, Julia's parents had no intention of staying for long. However, they were shocked as she was calmer than ever!

“We couldn’t believe it! Julia was sitting still and listening to the pastor. Previously, Julia couldn’t sit still in the car for more than 3 minutes but on the way back, she was reciting the Bible verse in detail!”

“We suspected that it was because of the special aroma in the church. So, we went back to get our answer.”

-Michael, Julia’s father

Ancient Biblical Scent

There, Julia’s father met Father Thomas, the local’s “Walking Bible”. Despite being 89-years-old, he remembers more than 5,000 verses:

“Decades ago, I injured my head after an accident, this caused me to have trouble reading and writing. As a young boy, I was bullied for my disability, and back then, doctors were unable to help and my family was poor.”

“So, my parents brought me to this church to seek help from God. That’s when I found out about the holy healing incense. After inhaling it regularly, I could finally read again and I even became a top student at school. I truly owe it all to Lord Jesus”.

“Also, I became the first person in my hometown to earn a Master's degree in Biblical studies and it’s all thanks to the frankincense incense. Famous for being one of the oils gifted to baby Jesus, the Bible mentions it 52 times, and it was more valuable than gold.”

“Besides ritually burned in churches since the ancient times, they were also a cure for many illnesses from traumatic brain injuries, memory losses, to headaches.”

-Father Thomas

Since then, Julia’s parents have been traveling back and forth to get the incense. After a month of practicing this remedy, Julia became calmer and could concentrate for long periods.

Julia eventually found comfort in memorizing the Bible during her free time while inhaling the special incense. To date, she is the world’s only blind woman who can recite the entire Bible word by word in accuracy, without referring to anything!

Human Bible’s Brain Scans

Julia’s remarkable story intrigued Dr. Harold, a world-renowned psychiatrist who specializes in treating brain disorders.

When he first met Julia, she recited Esther 8:9, the longest Bible verse ever effortlessly. Enthralled, Dr. Harold invited her to conduct MRI scans:

“Generally, dyslexic patients have lesser gray matter in their brains which can lead to reading and spelling problems. While patients with ADHD have smaller brain volume, causing inter-brain communication to ‘short-circuit’, making them lose focus easily and become overly active.”

“But Julia’s results showed that her overall brain volume was much bigger in size and her gray matter was triple the amount of an average person! This means that not only did she overcome her previous conditions, but she also became incredibly intelligent.”

-Dr. Harold

After obtaining some incense samples from Julia, Dr. Harold performed in-depth research in his lab:

“The main ingredient is frankincense, exclusively grown in Oman. Known as the ancient biblical spice, they are the greatest quality because they contain the most anti-inflammatories such as Alpha-pinene and Boswellic acid.”

“This explains how Julia's brain was strengthened and increased in size, reducing her hyperactivity and enhancing her memory.”

-Dr. Harold

The Birth Of Zioenux™

Realizing how this discovery could change the world of medicine, Dr. Harold worked with the top biochemists to create a therapeutic essential oil using the most up-to-date steam distillation method.

They called it Zioenux™:

“Zioenux™ was created to contain more than double the amount of alpha-pinene and the highest concentration of boswellic acid.”

“With the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, they help with cellular repairs for brain cells to function properly while encouraging the growth of new neurons and gray matter to increase brain volume.”

“Resulting in improved focus, learning, and computer-like memory along with the ability to make reasonable judgments in challenging tasks. Also, Zioenux™ will promote feelings of relaxation to reduce stress.”

-Dr. Harold

Jesus’ Gift To The World

When Zioenux™ was launched globally, a total of 89,342 users took part in clinical trials and more than 98.5% of them reported satisfaction with their cognitive abilities.

The first person to try Zioenux™ out was Julia:

“Before this, my parents traveled to the church weekly to get the incense. But now, I only need a few drops of Zioenux™!”

“After spending hours studying the Bible, I still felt energized and the soothing aroma helps me to dispel negative feelings.”

“I used to spend hours recalling some of the longest verses but after using Zioenux™, my brain became like a sponge! I only need to go through the Bible Braille once, and every single line of it will stay in my brain permanently!”

“So far, I’ve memorized more than 25,000 verses and I’m not stopping. Despite being blind, I obtained two master’s degrees in a year and I'll be teaching in bible study classes across the country next week. Thank God for His Amazing Grace, my life completely changed”!


Unlock the hidden powers of the mind with Zioenux™. With God, all things are possible. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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