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Knee pain starts at any age and can be caused by external injury or old age. When the components of the knee are not working properly, pain, inflammation, and other symptoms occur.

Some knee damage can lead to a huge number of health conditions such as chronic, irreversible damage to the knee and may result in long-term dysfunction. Without proper treatment for an extended time, blood vessel injuries and even severe disability can occur.

That is where Creotane™ comes in – to allow our knee-joints to heal and maintain perfect condition so you can finally do what you love. Perfect for those with arthritis, tendonitis, and ligament injuries.

Experience great freedom with Creotane™!

✓ Enhances Knee Strength

These unconventional yet practical knee patches eliminate joint fatigue and boosts physical recovery by activating cell metabolism.

✓ Regulates Blood Circulation

Creotane™ relaxes tensed muscles and stimulate blood flow to reduce joint swelling and inflammation at a cellular level.

✓ Easy Recovery

Natural ingredients like willow bark and ginger extract infuse into your joints with nutrients to promote tissue growth and cartilage repairs.

✓ Safe On Skin

Use the patch for hours with zero worry about skin irritation. Its breathable adhesive design enables heat regulation, preventing tightness and itch.

  1. Clean and dry the general area you wish you apply. (Around the kneecap region)
  2. Remove the sticky film from the patch.
  3. Stick the patch on desired area and apply pressure evenly to push out air pockets.
  4. Leave the patch on anytime / overnight (7-9 hours) for best results*.

*For optimal results, use it daily

What Is Everyone Saying About Creotane™?

My 80-year-old mother had stem cell injections in knees last June for bone on bone degenerative arthritis. Even after her surgery, she must wear a brace at all times and walk with assistance. I was introduced to these patches by a close friend of mine and got it for her. Right under 2 weeks, she started walking without help for the first time in years!

Carla T., DE

✔ Verified Purchase

I stopped dancing professionally for a year now thanks to my twisted knee. The pain was intense because I have rheumatism in the same area. I'm in line for a knee replacement. In the meantime, I've tried everything I could find to alleviate the knee pain. These pads have worked wonders. I no longer have to wear a brace to hold the knee in a position to minimize pain. Best of all, I finally started dancing again yesterday!

Grace O., HI

✔ Verified Purchase

I’ve been suffering from arthritis in both knees for over 20 years now. My wife got these patches for me last week and let me tell you, the difference was immediate! I can put weight on both my knees now without wincing. What a relief! Years of pain gone just like that. Definitely the best gift ever.

Lionel K., WY

✔ Verified Purchase


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