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This Baby Could Finally Sleep After Being Awake For 3 Years

Like being in a constant battle with other babies to stay awake no matter what, Kaylee Rose has been facing this rare sleep condition ever since she was a baby.

One night, Kaylee was gone from her bed and when her parents have finally found her…

She Was At The Window Ledge!

She could almost fall at any second! Even though it was a traumatic incident, Kaylee’s parents learned that she has actually never slept!

Worried sick for Kaylee's health and safety, they took her to visit every doctor and specialist but none of them could even explain or identify what was wrong.

Until a world-leading neurologist with 30 years of experience heard about Kaylee’s case. With expertise in treating sleep problems that provided high-quality sleep to his patients, Dr. Brent Evans visited the family.

Despite Kaylee was already age 3, there was still simply nothing that could put her to sleep.

She was behaving just like a normal kid who plays in the day but stays awake and plays by herself all night long when most kids get exhausted enough to sleep.

“During the night, Kaylee would spend hours and hours doing something strange and extreme that we've told her not to do,”

“But she was just stuck in this dreadful night cycle.”

“We tried everything we could to get her to sleep from giving her milk before her sleep, reading books to counting sheep.”

“But nothing worked...”

– Melanie Rose, Kaylee’s mum

The Main Culprit Found

Dr. Brent suggested to run different brain scans on Kaylee.

Finally, after running multiple tests, there was one that gave them some clues as a magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) showed that Kaylee had completely zero GABA levels!

“Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an extremely important chemical,”

“That produces a calming effect to decrease our brain activity and prepare us to sleep.”

“Without it, you just can’t sleep at all.”

“Which explains Kaylee’s condition now as she has GABA deficiency disorder.”

– Dr. Brent Evans

Land Of Slumber

This reminded Dr. Brent of his field research at a remote village in Kazakhstan where he discovered the secret to sleep better than a baby in this “Sleeping Village”.

“The villagers here can sleep through any condition they want,”

“Whether it’s next to a busy street or during a thunderstorm,”

“They can even dream in their sleep when they are sitting next to a stranger.”

“Which all happened after their unique bathing ritual,”

“As I was having doubts, the villagers prepared me a tub of bath water with a familiar flowery scent.”

“And surprisingly, I found myself asleep for hours after the bath.”

“When it was extremely difficult for me to take a nap in the past.”

“After they showed me the flowering herb used in the bath, I then realized it was valerian all along.”

“This flower holds a lot of meaning and purpose to the village as it has been a symbol of peace in the village for centuries,”

“Acting as a reminder on the importance of a peaceful and positive lifestyle to allow the villagers to reach to their deepest state of inner peace,”

“And ever since they practice bathing with the valerian flower,”

“They gained a super sleeping ability that allowed them to fall asleep in just 3 seconds!”

– Dr. Brent Evans

A Scent To Sweet Dreams

Considering that it could help Kaylee, Dr. Brent managed to get some valerian flower directly from the village in Kazakhstan and started creating a prototype by concentrating the flower’s essence into an oil.

In just a week of using the oil, her results returned greater than expected as her GABA levels after another MRS scan has reached the highest amount ever recorded among kids!

“Kaylee could finally sleep after 3 years!”

“And she slept till the morning every time!”

“Sleeping so well that her drool was all over the pillow.”

“Now, whenever we place a few drops of the oil on her shirt before she sleeps,”

“She’ll always instantly feel calm and sleepy, leading her to sleep without even asking us to tug her to bed.”

“We still can’t believe how a flower could just save Kaylee’s whole life.”

– Melanie Rose

Dr. Brent then explained about valerian.

“Valerian contains a number of compounds that promote tranquility and sleep,”

“And the most important compound can be found in its roots,”

“Which is valerenic acid.”

“It's a natural component that works just like anti-anxiety medications,”

“Exerting sedative and calming effects to our brain,”

“To quickly stop excessive activity in the amygdala, the part of our brain responsible for stress and emotion,”

“Allowing Kaylee to fall asleep quickly and even progress into deep sleep after every application.”

– Dr. Brent Evans


Realizing its great potential to help many people who have sleep problems, Dr. Brent started developing an upgraded solution by using the latest steam distillation method.

After months of trials and errors, he created Leise™.

“Made with the purest and most concentrated valerian oil extracted from its roots,”

“High contents of valerenic acid in Leise™ will increase your GABA level,”

“To stop your thoughts from running in circles at night,”

“Allowing you to take control and put your mind at rest in an instant.”

“As the warm, woody and earthy scent of Leise™ quickly pass through your nose’s sensory neurons,”

“Your brain will initiate a calming process for your mind and nervous system,”

“Enabling us to fall asleep fast and to prepare us to enter the stage of deep sleep,”

“Making sure we stay asleep till the morning than being woken up easily throughout the night.”

“By just massaging Leise™ on your temples or inhaling the scent once before sleep,”

“You’ll be able to experience high-quality, restorative sleep every night,”

“Letting everyone to sleep like a log all the time.”

– Dr. Brent Evans

Becoming Everyone’s Good Night Wish

Ever since its official launch, Leise™ has been approved as the best natural sleeping aid by the National Sleep Foundation and has successfully helped more than 900,000 people around the world with their sleep problems.

Here’s one of the reviews.

“I have been suffering from insomnia for many years,”

“Tossing and turning in bed so much that my wife and I had to sleep in different rooms.”

“I tried lowering the temperature, meditation, changing my diet to taking sleeping pills.”

“But all of them failed and some even gave me side-effects.”

“Then, things changed after I tried Leise™.”

“Because on the first day itself, I could fall asleep within 5 minutes.”

“Even my wife came into my room surprised that I slept earlier than her.”

“Finally, there was no more waking up at the middle of the night because of small noises, allowing me to sleep next to my wife again.”

“All thanks to Leise™, which has provided me countless of good night sleep.”

– Warren Sorenson

To raise awareness on the importance of good sleep during these difficult times, Dr. Brent is working in partnership with sleep foundations to offer up to 80% discount for any purchase as everyone deserves a good sleep for a better living.

Even if you want to have your cup of coffee before sleep, Leise™ can still put you to sleep like a baby.

So, get ready to experience a deep sleep like never before as a good long sleep is the best cure for anything.