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A Probability Expert Who Keeps Getting Smarter, but Stays a Baby in Appearance Forever

With the face of a baby and the body of a toddler who wears nappies, who would have thought that this kid is actually the oldest sibling?

Dramatically slowing Lucy’s rate of aging, it was all due to an impairment in a tiny part of her brain. This condition was so rare, the doctors couldn’t even give a name to it.

“Even though I don’t know how Lucy is feeling.”

“It saddens me whenever I see kids of her age enjoying in school, her younger siblings playing with their dad,”

“And my little Lucy could do nothing but to be held in my arms.”

“I really hope all of us could still have the time to play and talk with Lucy when we’re older,”

“Because she’s the only one among us who’s growing once every 4 years.”

– Jody, Lucy’s mum

When Science Meets The Ancient Art

Despite there being medications and treatments that may help Lucy, she was too young to be able to accept them as her body was exactly the same as when she had just come out of her mother’s womb.

After months of searching for help online, Lucy’s parents found someone who could possibly have a solution. He was Dr. John, who happens to have survived a grade 3 concussion, the most traumatic type of brain injury.

“Because of an accident that caused my head to hit hard on the steering wheel, I started suffering from an intense headache that hardly goes away.”

“Vomiting, twitching, restlessness, agitation…”

“It just doesn’t feel like I was myself anymore.”

“As a doctor, I couldn’t even speak without slurring my words.”

“Nor could I remember what I was supposed to do.”

“I knew that 1 more blow to my brain would be fatal.”

“So, I didn’t give up and continued attending seminars.”

“It wasn’t a task that comes without any difficulty, but that’s when I discovered a solution”

“From a family who still practice an ancient routine since 776BC!”

– Dr. John

The Last Bloodline

Living in a rural village in Greece, this family are actually descendants of Hippocrates. Known as the father of medicine, he was the first to find a cure for many of today’s major diseases.

Focusing on the natural approach and treatment of diseases, Hippocrates and his colleagues were able to write the “Hippocratic Corpus”, which consists of around 60 early ancient Greek medical works.

“In regard to the brain, he believed that intelligence and treatments reach the brain through breathing,”

“Which leads to this ancient practice of burning an incense made out of thyme.”

“This was what had allowed Hippocrates to break old thought patterns,”

“Unlocking his intelligence to discover more.”

“Ever since we started burning the incense daily for generations after generations, none of us had any mental or cognitive issues.”

“We could even easily get into any desired field of work that demands the highest IQs!”

– Yiorgos, descendant of Hippocrates

“From the time I stayed with this family to recover, it felt like nothing has happened at all.”

“My headaches, nausea, shaking, slurred words… everything was almost instantly gone.”

“I even found myself remembering what people had said, word for word.”

“After I conducted an in-depth research on the incense,”

“I found that there was a powerful chemical compound in thyme, known as apigenin.”

“This was what healed my brain injury.”

“Because when I experienced the loss of my normal brain functions,”

“The healing properties of apigenin have repaired my damaged neurons,”

“Allowing me to function not just normal, but better.”

“As apigenin is able to improve and form more neurons in any parts of the brain.”

“When more neural connections are formed, the better the memory.”

“Which explains my improved ability to recall, as I’m now using a full 100% of my brain.”

– Dr. John

A Matchless Elevation

After personally going through the life-transforming experience, Dr. John saw how this ingredient was going to change the world.

With a will to protect mother earth and users’ health, he modified the ingredient’s mode of use into an oil with the most concentrated apigenin from thyme, that retains the medicinal properties of all the natural ingredients.

He called it Cramantio™.

When Lucy’s parents first got to know, they were really doubtful. But without a better choice, they could only give it a try.

That’s when Lucy started showing miracles.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Lucy reacting to light!”

“And the next week, she was able to roll, sit, crawl and stand without support!”

“My husband and I were even happier when she started calling us mum and dad.”

“She could speak so well when we didn’t even teach her!”

“Even though Lucy’s body is now growing back at a normal rate and though she may not look like a 9-year-old,”

“Her brain has already shown the intelligence of having an IQ score of more than 130!”

“Because today, she has been busy calculating probabilities of the weather, the lottery tickets, sports and even votes!”

“When we tried out her suggested numbers, we were so shocked to find that we really did win the lottery!”

– Jody, Lucy’s mum

But How Was Cramantio™ Able To Help Lucy?

This was Dr. John’s explanation about the science of Cramantio™.

“In Lucy’s condition, her hypothalamus was what has been affecting her growth.”

“As an MRI scan had shown how underdeveloped it is,”

“When this is the most important part of the brain that regulates growth hormone, in order for your body to develop.”

“But when Lucy started taking in the high contents of apigenin from Cramantio™,”

“New neural networks began forming on any area of her brain that was underdeveloped,”

“Allowing her hypothalamus to develop fully for Lucy’s body to grow.”

“Cramantio™ is actually a medicinal oil that boosts Omega-3 DHA in our brain.”

“It improves our working memory, cognitive functions, mood and even protects the brain from premature aging.”

“This was why Lucy was able to show exemplary intelligence of another level.”

“Now, anyone’s brain can reach to its full potential just like Lucy.”

– Dr. John

For a normal and healthy brain, it would only fully mature at the age of 25. But once we hit 25, our brain begins to lose as much as 50,000 neurons a day.

So, take charge of your mind early. Why wait when you can enjoy a highly intelligent mind and prevent the loss of your smart cells now? Because only by taking care of your brain, will you be able to become your real TRUE self.

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